Clinical Wound Solutions


Our Program - How It Works
We are a direct-to-patient provider of wound supplies and compression therapy products.  We specialize in reimbursement issues and full compliance with Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance regulations.  Our knowledgeable and trained clinical professionals work closely with your medical staff to provide quality patient care by providing expert instruction on the products distributed to qualified patients for their home use.

Clinical Wound Solutions, LLC is a benefit for:

The Clinic by: The Patient by:
Decreasing supply costs Providing take-home wound supplies when leaving the clinic with no up-front costs
Increasing compliance and healing outcomes Stocking hard-to-find specialty dressings to increase compliance, and faster healing rates
Providing products that are approved by the patients insurance Verifying insurance coverage for the supplies and products
Alleviating time your staff spends filling out forms or calling to locate hard-to-find specialty products for the patients Completing all required forms and submitting claims to insurances in your behalf
Providing an educated clinician specializing in reimbursement, insurance coverage, and compliance Providing an educated clinician to answer questions related to product instructions, billing issues, and insurance coverage

Clinical Wound Solutions, LLC wants to help lower your clinic supply costs, increase patient compliance, and aid in faster healing outcomes by providing your patients with the best wound supplies and compression therapy products available, without any cost to you - the clinic.


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