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Compression Stockings

  • Compression Stockings - applies gradient compression on your legs, assisting the venous return of blood.

  • Stronger compression is applied at the ankle and lessens up the leg. It assists the natural mechanical function of the leg muscles.

  • The gradient compression support stockings compress dilated veins and helps blood return to the heart.

  • Compression stockings can be used as an alternative to compression bandaging for the treatment of active ulcers. It is also very useful for preventing ulcer recurrences.

  • Compression stockings are classified according to the pressure level applied at the ankle.
    30-40 mmHg 40-50 mmHg
    • Severe varicosity with tendency toward edema
    • Post-traumatic tumidity
    • Recovery of moderate ulcerations
    • After superficial thrombophlebitis
    • After sclerosation and/or stripping of varices in order to stabilize the therapeutic effect
    • In case of severe varicosity during pregnancy
    • Post phlebectomy
    • Atrophie blanche
    • Dermatosclerosis
    • Conditions resulting from constitutional or post-thrombotic venous insufficiency
    • Severe tendency to edemas
    • Secondary varicosity
    • After healing of severe, recurrent ulcers
    • Lymphatic edema

Model 3004 Sequential Circulator (by Biocompression�)

  • The 3004 fulfills the highest qualification. It allows for individual calibration of gradient pressures at each of the four appliance sections.
  • Mimic the lymphatic system
  • Promotes lymphatic flow
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Moves fluid in the correct physiological direction
  • Can treat two extremities simultaneously
  • Reduces primary and secondary lymphedema, venous insufficiency, decubitus ulcers and other chronic conditions

Highly effective in treating:

  • Chronic and acute edema, including Lymphedema Post trauma and post paralytic edema
  • DVT prophylaxis
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Venous stasis ulcers
  • Non-healing wounds
  • Post-surgical lesions
  • Decubitus ulcers
  • Diabetic wounds
  • Amputations, Skin grafts, Burns, etc.


    Dimensions (inches)

    7.5H x 10.5W x 3.75D

    Weight 8 lbs.
    Pressure Range 25-100mm Hg
    Electrical Rating 120VAC, 60Hz, .5A
    Cycle Time 15 sec per chamber
    Inflation 60 seconds
    Deflation 15 seconds
    Warranty 3 years
    Bi-lateral operation

Please call with any questions or concerns regarding use or application process as it applies to a specific wound or to a specific wound location, or with any other questions or concerns about what may be utilized in a particular situation.